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Essay about Post-Depression Industrialization in Latin...

Post-Depression Industrialization in Latin America For most of the first century after independence, all republics in Latin America followed an economic policy of export-led growth based on primary-product exports. The tremendous economic crisis of the 1930s that had a crushing and widespread impact on Latin America; precipitated by the global economic depression, forced Latin American nations to re-evaluate this exogenous economic growth model and to transform their economic policies in the direction of long-neglected diversification of the economy, particularly toward an endogenous model oriented to industrialization. In order to understand the economic growth model shift from export-led to industrialization through the†¦show more content†¦During this period, the economic policies of Latin American governments were relatively single-mindedly oriented to enhance the export sector, while doing little to promote any type of diversification of the economy or domestic industrial economic development. Swift discussed these government policies: In addition to facilitating the system of landholding and labor use for the production of exports, governments used tax exemptions, subsidies for new plantings, and waivers for duties on imported inputs to further development of the export sector. The state also used its borrowing power to obtain funds abroad for the infrastructure that supported this sector. By the end of the nineteenth century most Latin American countries had firmly established outward-oriented economic structures. The pace of domestic income growth and wealth accumulation was almost entirely dependant upon external factors, such as favourable demand and prices for the primary exports of Latin America. While the world economyShow MoreRelatedThe Us Market Crash Of 1929 Affected Western Industrialized Countries904 Words   |  4 Pagesmarket crash of 1929 affected all Western industrialized countries; however, the repercussions sensed by Latin American countries were quite severe, especially throughout the years to come. The establishment of US investments in Latin America and the exports Latin American countries provided to the US were about to take different paths. During this time, the economic development of most Latin American countries was based mostly on agriculture and mining, but the shift towards structural economicRead MoreImport Substitution1497 Words   |à ‚  6 PagesSubstitution Industrialization (ISI) Definition Government strategy that emphasizes replacement of some agricultural or industrial imports to encourage local production for local consumption, rather than producing for export markets. Import substitutes are meant to generate employment, reduce foreign exchange demand, stimulate innovation, and make the country self-reliant in critical areas such as food, defense, and advanced technology. What Does Import Substitution Industrialization (ISI) Mean?Read MoreThe French Revolution And Napoleonic Wars2358 Words   |  10 PagesThe history of Latin American has a bloody past filled with war and hardship. The struggle for independence plays a key role in the history of Latin America and understanding the development that came post-independence. Latin America has struggled with debt and dependence on foreign countries. Events that occur in Latin America are often a result of things happening in the Western Hemisphere. Much of Latin America’s fight for independence was fueled by war. Latin America continued to be greatly affectedRead MoreThe World Of World War I1293 Words   |  6 Pageslabor labor mobility. After facing two world wars and a worldwide economic depression, economists and governments from around the world implemented several development strategies. Some strategists tried to rebuild the order from before World War I in a more flexible and stable way while others bucked the traditional world order all together in an attempt to develop more quickly. While import-substituting industrialization provided short term benefits and long-term problems to the nations that practicedRead MoreAfrican Studies1214 Words   |  5 Pagescountries of origin in South America. They spend much of their adult lives fighting for racial justice in their native countries. Carlos Moore was born in 1942 in Cuba. In 1958 at the peak of the civil war between Castro and dictator Batista 15-year-old Moore moved along with his family to U.S hoping to find a better life far away from discrimination and prejudice. In his book Pichon: Race and Revolution in Castros Cuba: A Memoir (2008) Moore mentions: â€Å"For me, â€Å"America† rhymed with good governmentRead MoreModernization Theory And Dependency Theory1811 Words   |  8 PagesLatin America has not developed economically or culturally like many industrialized countries such as United States or Canada have. Many historians attribute the cause to modernization theory or dependency theory. Modernization theory as a ‘traditional’ country that have not been able to progress from traditional to modern, but are capable to become modern with assistance (class notes September 11, 2017). Dependency theory is when economically impoverished Latin America’s resources are export ed toRead MoreLiterature And Literature : The Novel One Of The Most Interesting And Significant Expression Of Humanity 1854 Words   |  8 Pagesâ€Å"One of the most interesting and significant expression of Humanity - Literature† Literature is the art of written work that is produced by the writers. It reflects about us and our society. The term Literature is derived from Latin - Literatura which means that a writing formed with letters. Literature is a term indicated all books and writing. . . Literature has many genres such as Poem, Drama, Novel, and short story.The novel is one of the genres of fiction. The term Novel is derived fromRead MoreEruopean Expansion4283 Words   |  18 Pagescontributed to the life-style of New Englanders; then consider what was the consequence of the absence of towns in the colonial South. Revolutionary America Explain how the Great Awakening, an intensely religious movement, contributed to the development of the separation of church and state in America. Compare and contrast the French colonies in North America with their British and Spanish counterparts. Consider, for example, location, timing, economy, political organization, and religious influencesRead MoreBrazil Research Paper3949 Words   |  16 Pagessold. In 1929, Brazil was selling coffee for 22.5 cents per pound; by 1931 it had dropped to 8 cents per pound (Brazil: A New Regional Power in the World Economy). The drop in coffee prices in Brazil was attributed to world events such at the Great Depression, WW I, and the rise in global production. Never the less, coffee was and is still today a focal point of Brazils agriculture and economy. * In 1930 the revolution abolished the Old Republic that existed from 1889 – 1930. This was a federationRead MoreRevolutionary Changes in the Atlantic World, 1750–185010951 Words   |  44 PagesEuropean powers intensified in the early 1600s as the Dutch Attacked Spanish and Portuguese possessions in the Americas and in Asia. In the 1600s and 1700s the British then checked Dutch commercial and colonial ambitions and went on to defeat France in the Seven Years War (1756–1763) and take over French colonial possessions in the Americas and in India. 2. The unprecedented costs of the wars of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries drove

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Personal Experience The Importance of People in Our Life...

Smile a lot, be compassionate and respect people. I mean it. It may seem trivial but it is not. I am not a very happy cheerful fellow. I have my lows and can be downright depressed sometimes. But whenever I meet a new person, talk to someone I make it a point to smile nowadays. Imagine going to a Tea stall run by an old lady. She probably is already having a hard time with her life. There is no need for me to be morose when I am around her. Whenever I go to buy something, even talk to people who dont play an active part in my life I always put up my best cheerful self. It is my small way of spreading happiness in the world. I like to chat for sometime too. Ask how they are and what is going on in their lives. Most of the people I†¦show more content†¦I am off mobile net since the last 2-3 months. I cant tell you how much it has changed my life. - You enjoy the moments even more when you dont keep taking irritating pictures, tag people and announce the world you are having a good time. - I used to spend a lot of time reading about acquisitions on Hacker News, linked in headlines, flipboard, my own news feed, mails and feed from blogs I follow. I do that now too. But on my home wi fi late at night when I am done with all my work. - I dont have to feel guilty about not replying to people on different chat messengers like earlier. Nor I have to go through tons of useless group notifications which dont add any value to my life. - I have installed Aldiko Ebook Reader instead and whenever I get time I read books on that. Meet new people whenever and where ever you can I realized the importance of networking when I was in college. Before that I was this Howard Roark figure from Fountainhead who thought that he would manage to survive without needing the help of anyone. I was too sure of myself. But I changed this approach in college. There I never shied away from meeting new people there and as my life has progressed I have understood the importance of human relationships. My first job offer was rescinded because I did not join as per the date mentioned on the offer letter. A friend from college let me stay in his house as I sorted out my shit. Next day I was in the office of one of the biggestShow MoreRelatedThe Social Work Code Of Ethics1059 Words   |  5 Pagesspecific set of core values. These strict set of beliefs are embraced by professional history and are the framework to social work s unique purpose and mission. The six core values include Service, Social Justice, Dignity and Worth of the Person, Importance of Human Relationships, Integrity, and Competence. As Social Workers begin or continue their journey in social work it is significant to always properly represent, and advance the values and goals of the social work profession. The goal of beingRead MoreImportance of Morals and Values977 Words   |  4 PagesTHE IMPORTANCE OF VALUES AND MORALS IN ONE’S LIFE Every one knows that life is precious – that life is important. We all protect our life because we care for it more than anything else. If life is so important, the values of life are even more important. Values are guiding principles, or standards of behaviour which are regarded desirable, important and held in high esteem by a particular society in which a person lives. Values make up who you are. They define your character. That makes themRead MoreOrganizational Behavior And The Social Sciences1671 Words   |  7 Pagesindividual to make a workplace more exciting and effective. This class is more than a subject for me as it helped me to experience the different views of my peers. There is no doubt that, this subject is an eye opener for me that gives value to my work ethics and understandings. Before beginning to learn the subject, there were so many unknown factors that required clarifications in my work life. An in-depth analysis in this subject helped me to gain a thorough understanding of different areas like leadershipRead MoreThe Importance of Sports to Mass Communication Essay772 Words   |  4 PagesThe Importance of Sports to Mass Communication Understanding of mass communication without attention to sport coverage is practically impossible. Through the mass media, millions and even billions of viewers, listeners and readers are brought into the experience of a great sports performance. The emotional power of sports performance enchanted by slow-motion video and musical sound track, can take you to breath away or bring tears to you eyes. There are a lot of massive spectacles like the SuperRead MoreModule 7 : Leadership Development1528 Words   |  7 PagesMODULE 7: LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Leader development and leadership development is important from both a personal and an organizational aspect. (Hackman Johnson, 2013) states that, â€Å"Leader development promotes personal growth† and â€Å"Leadership development promotes organizational growth†. Leader development is an ongoing process that continues throughout life. Because leadership skills can be learned and/or developed, as you take on different leadership roles and other leadership opportunitiesRead MoreWhen Math and Science Rule the School Essay1071 Words   |  5 PagesStates. Slouka’s use of emotional and ethical appeals through personal experiences and extensive observation offer insight into what he believes is a problem in our modern society: Math and Science studies receiving more focus and importance than the humanities. Slouka’s target audience seems to be the young adults in the United States because they are the group being affected by this shift in studies in coll eges and universities, although our elders should be equally concerned with the rising problemRead MoreEco Existential Positive Psychology : Experiences, Nature, Existential Anxieties, And Well Being Essay944 Words   |  4 Pages1. Holli-Anne Passmore. Eco-existential Positive Psychology: Experiences in nature, existential anxieties, and well-being 2. Chief Purpose: To encourage researchers, psychologists, and therapist to utilize information within the article to promote involvement with nature upon the human population. To help the human race to develop an eco-friendly environment. 3. Theory and theoretical model: No focal theory or theoretical model used. Hypothesis: â€Å"We propose that affiliating with natureRead MoreService Marketing This life is quite challenging if we look at things from a different perspective1100 Words   |  5 PagesService Marketing This life is quite challenging if we look at things from a different perspective in terms of responsibilities that we have to shoulder at almost all the stages of our lives there are a number of social and personal and private commitments that have to be met quite religiously. Personal commitments are those, which you take on yourself. These are the things that are required to be done to get somewhere in life and to live the life to its purpose and to make things much more meaningfulRead MoreTheo 104 Reflection Paper1243 Words   |  5 Pagesfeel are very important to Christianity the first topic being the Importance of Personal Testimony and the second topic covering the Importance of Maintaining a Christian Lifestyle. Both of those topics I think help lay a foundation for a n individual’s walk with Christ. The Importance of Personal Testimonies: A person’s testimony explains why they are a Christian. Their testimony tells about their faith and the life experiences that have brought them to their faith. Testimonies are also givenRead MoreEssay on The Awakening: Self-Empowerment of Older Adults1264 Words   |  6 PagesThe dictionary defines self-empowerment to mean an individual who is in control of his or her life and views the trials they face in life in a positive way. It is also about building self-esteem and confidence. With the right kind of motivation, a person can be empowered to have a happier life as they move through the transitions of aging. To be truly self-empowered means that you have the ability inside yourself to know what is really best for you. Therefore, your actions reflect the power of your

My Life Style Changes free essay sample

My Lifestyle Changes Paper will include the six components of wellness, that being Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Interpersonal and Environmental wellness. It will include my goals, my weaknesses as well as my strengths to the components of wellness as well as a plan for myself to manage all of these components. The paper will also include anticipated changes in my lifestyle that may challenge the individual components of wellness and how I plan to deal with these changes. The first component of wellness that I’ll discuss in that of Physical wellness, which requires eating well, exercising, avoiding harmful habits, responsible decision making, learning about and recognizing sicknesses and diseases, keeping regular medical and such checkups along with preventing injuries along with other physical characteristics of your body. My goals for Physical wellness are to live a healthy and active lifestyle. In order to do this I must improve on some of my weaknesses in this area, which are eating unhealthy foods. I must also learn to make some decisions that I make more responsible, as well as learning more about diseases and how I can prevent them from happening. Another key fault of mine is that I drink alcohol, it may be just a college phase, but in order to be completely physically healthy I must learn to cut down on my consumption of alcohol. Despite my weaknesses I do have many strengths in this area, some are exercising regularly which I have always tried to find time to do. Trying to be selective in my eating habits and eating as much healthy food as possible. Another strength is I am motivated and care about my physical appearance and how I treat my body and want to look. My plan to improve on my Physical wellness by continuing living an active lifestyle and exercising regularly. Also to try to step things up a notch for that of my strengths, continue doing the good things that I have been doing. I’d also like to improve greatly upon my weaknesses, by trying to be much more selective in my eating habits, trying to avoid late night snacking and eating foods low in fat and unhealthy substances. Another key thing for improving my Physical wellness is to cut down dramatically in my drinking of alcohol, which I plan on doing. I’d also like to become aware of diseases and injuries that I have a higher risk of attaining and do the things necessary to preventing these things. Along with that are some simple things that I can do to increase my Physical wellness, such as my driving habits to slow down my speeds, along with taking other safety precautions in things that I do. Basically just thinking about what it is I’m about to do, and making some responsible decisions for the good of my Physical wellness. Emotional wellness, which is optimism, trust, self-esteem, self-acceptance, self control, satisfying relationships and the ability to control my emotions and express them openly and properly. Emotional wellness to means a lot to me to be stable with myself and the relationships amongst my friends and family. My goals are to maintain steady relationships with those I’m associated with and always keep a positive frame of mind for myself to be happy. As well as to be at one with myself and expressing my emotions openly. My weaknesses as far as Emotional wellness are very little the one thing that I do not always do is express my emotions and what I’m actually feeling openly with others. My strengths are that I have very high self-esteem as well as self-confidence. I accept myself for who I am and that is all that I can ask of myself. I have very satisfying relationships with both my family and friends. I also do a lot of thinking and exploring of myself, to think about things going on in my life and how I’d like to deal with them. I plan to manage my Emotional wellness better by trying to be more open about my feelings and thoughts with others. I’d like to be able to sit down and talk about my problems if I have any with any one I know, that’s how open and emotionally stable I’d like to become. Rather than just letting things sit inside me not knowing what’s to come of my thoughts and feelings built up inside. This is a very positive aspect of my life, but you can always improve on anything and I’d like to on my openness to others as I have talked about above. Intellectual wellness is being open to new ideas, the ability to think and question critically, motivation to fulfill new skills, sense of humor, creativity as well as having curiosity. My goals for intellectual wellness are to keep my mind constantly learning and never be satisfied with what I have learned. My weaknesses for Intellectual wellness are also very few, the one thing that I think really stands out from the list is creativeness. Which also may have some things to do with thinking critically. My strengths are that I’m a very open minded person always willing to try and experience something new. I have a great motivation and determination inside of me that makes me want to perfect whatever it is I’m doing at the time whatever it may be. My sense of humor is also very key, I couldn’t live without having humor and laughing, its just one of the greatest things about live to make someone smile or smiling yourself. I also find myself curios about new things asking questions and researching about things I don’t know something about, constantly trying to learn more and more all of the time. My goals as far as Intellectual wellness go to keep on doing what I have been for the positives and to always keep an open mind no matter what the situation may be. As far as improving I can try to be more creative my just trying new things, thinking about things seriously and really trying hard to do different things each time could improve my creativeness. Spiritual wellness is the ability to have guiding beliefs, principles or values that give you a purpose in life. It involves love, compassion, forgiveness, altruism, joy and fulfillment. My weaknesses are in this category are that I’m a college student and I don’t have to time that’d I’d like to greater explore my Spiritual wellness. I’d like to be more involved with my family and experience more of the things Intellectual wellness has to do with them. As well as church, I’d love to become an active member in my church once again. My strengths are that I do know that I have a person in life and would like to fulfill that purpose for the good. I also have love all around me, from friends and family. I’m very happy where I am and what I’m doing with my life. I also do pray every night and believe in God and I want to go to heaven. I know what it is to be compassionate to others as well as when I’m receiving it as well as that of forgiving others for their wrong doing and receiving it from them when I do wrong. My goals for improving my Intellectual wellness are that to try and spend more time with my family to spread and receive the love, compassion and joy as well as all the things that come in Intellectual Wellness that they have to offer. Once I am done with college and on my own again I also plan on becoming an active member in a church in my area and attending. Although I’m very happy in my life right now, I think with the church it just can make everything more meaningful and really help you realize your purpose in life. Interpersonal and Social wellness is the ability to have satisfying relationships, both physical and emotionally. It involves good communication skills, developing intimacy, support networks such as family and friends. My goals for this are to keep steady and good relationships with those around me and to always be involved in someway with my loved ones. My weaknesses in this category are very few, the one thing I feel I don’t do well is show my intimacy and love enough to my family and friends who surround me. My strengths in the category are many every relationship that I have every had I’d have to say had been a good and satisfying one and I remain on good terms with all my family and friends. I feel they are both physically and emotionally stable, I’m so close with so many people and have so much trust in them and feel as if I could tell anyone of my family members or friends anything I felt like. Knowing they’d be caring and supportive in my decision or wrongdoing. Which brings me to the next strength which is communication, that I feel is the key to developing long lasting interpersonal and social relationships with your family and friends. You have to talk about things and get them out amongst your family and friends to keep a good relationship going. The support of my family and friends has also always been there and likewise for my self for them, I know that anything I do or they do we will be rooting for one another until the end, which is a great thing. It really makes you feel good about yourself to know that you have everyone on your side there for you. The things that I could work on to improve with showing my intimacy and love for my family and friends, I’d have to try and develop even tighter relationships than we already have which could be tough to do. I think just as far as always being there for them and telling them that you love them and care about them, are things I can do to assure those around me of my intimacy and love for them. So I plan on trying to be close and always be positive and encourage my loved ones and tell them how much they really mean to me, thus improving my Interpersonal and Social wellness. Last is Environmental wellness, which is that to benefit our planet from your doing as well and keeping healthy due to the effect of our environment. My goals for Environmental wellness is to greatly improve my awareness as well as my wellness in it more than I am right now, not to just benefit myself but the future of our world. My weaknesses as far as Environmental wellness starts off with and obvious one recycling, which I don’t do. Another major one if driving everywhere as a single passenger of a car, which pollutes the air. Another harmful thing that comes from the environment is its ultraviolet rays that I don’t always protect myself from. Another thing that I don’t do but am harmed from as well as the air is breathing in second hand smoke. Now onto my strengths for Environmental wellness which is by far my weakest category. I do recycle when its provided but not on my own is one positive. Another positive is that I don’t smoke nor do I encourage smoking to those around me. Littering is also that I’m really against and have participated in Adopt a Highway Program numerous times. I also don’t participate in violence in society I’m against fighting, and often talked other out of it. My plan to fix my weaknesses are to become much more aware of the environmental factors that I can contribute to, for helping our world a better place. I’d like to get recycle bins around my house and begin recycling all the products accordingly. I’d also like to car pool to cut the rush hour traffic down in Minneapolis, and more importantly to help prevent the air pollution in the environment. I’d also like to protect myself from the ultraviolet rays of the sun more often while lounging in it, by using sun block of the proper SPF to lower my risk of skin cancer. I’d also like to cut down on my hanging out in places where there are high amounts of second hand smoke and just be wiser in my decisions to where I want to go and take an alternate place without smoke floating about in the air. These are the things I’d like to do to raise my level of awareness and of contributing to my Environmental wellness. Now I will be talking about some anticipated changes that will most likely occur in my life, and which of the six components of the wellness I think I will be affected in by these changes. The first change that will occur that I’m going to talk about is aging. I think that the greatest challenge that everyone will come about will be aging and its toll on your Physical wellness. The challenge to try and stay physically healthy, as you get older it only gets more challenging. You must really watch what you eat, and go to the doctor more often for regular checkups on your health and most of all try to keep active and try and treat your injuries and sicknesses quickly so they don’t take a toll on you. Aging I feel may as well take some amount of challenge on your Emotional wellness, being that were all so used to being young and healthy. That for many it may be difficult to stay positive and keep your mind thinking you can make it through this tough stage of aging. Aging may also take some challenge to overcome the Intellectual wellness, by growing old you forget things, and seem that you’ve seen it all. So you must keep that desire to learn to keep on tact of your Intellectual wellness and continue to be open and learn and grow as you age. Changes in a job may also be a challenge that you may come across in your time, I think this could really affect your Emotional wellness, especially if you don’t like the change. We must learn to accept changes and learn to stay positive and take things as they come about to us. Intellectual challenges also we will all come about, not being in school anymore and feeling as if we know it all from our experiences. We must constantly continue to learn, you can never know too much. So we must keep open to new things and challenges that we come about and keep a positive frame of mind when these challenges may come about our lives. In order to adapt to the lifestyle changes that we may come about, we must be motivated for the changes and set goals to overcome your weaknesses and make changes for the good, and keep all the components of wellness in mind in doing so.

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Microsoft Essays (1913 words) - Microsoft, Bill Gates, MS-DOS

Microsoft Introduction and History: There are very few people in the world today that can honestly say that they do not know who Bill Gates is. This Harvard dropout is quite possibly the most well known, and wealthiest person in the world. Even at the age of fourteen, Gates was on the road for success after he started his own computer programming company. This company, the Lakeside programming group, was credited for writing programs for his schools payroll account. Only after a year of higher learning, Gates and long time friend Paul Allen from the University of Washington, dropped out of college and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1974. Upon their arrival in New Mexico, Gates and Allen started Microsoft, which is now a multibillion dollar computer software company. Initially Microsoft was a small company that did programming from a computer company called MITS. One of Gates and Allen's first big accomplishments working for MITS was to write a programming language called BASIC. When MITS went under, Gates and Alle n had to look for other opportunities and relocated their company back to their home town of Seattle, Washington. At the same time the computer giant IBM realized how large the personal computer market was becoming, and decided to jump on the band wagon when they saw that they were considerably behind the competition in developing a PC product. IBM threw together a machine made mostly from other companies parts and tried to out source the software for the operating system. After being rejected twice by programming firms, including Microsoft, Bill Gates realized what a profitable opportunity it would be to move in on IBM's enormous market share. Gates borrowed fifty thousand dollars from his father, who was a prominent Seattle lawyer, and bought the rights to an operating system sold by Seattle Computer Products. An operating system is the language that links the keyboard, screen, printer, microprocessor and computer and allows the parts to communicate. Gates then approached IBM to s ign agreements to develop the systems for their PC's. This decision would later become legendary. Gates soon perfected this operating system and called it MS-DOS. MS-DOS promptly became the industry standard because of IBM's influence in the market. Microsoft became a wealthy company almost overnight, and is widely known as a leader in the software industry. Shortly after the company's inception, Microsoft started producing software programs, some of which are today, the most widely used everywhere. The famed software programs include Microsoft Word, Macintosh Word, and Excel. Microsoft forced its way into the market and has gradually added different programs to its team. In 1982 the developed Microsoft Multiplan for the business community, and in 1983 they developed their first word processing program to compete with word perfect. In addition to that, IBM urged Microsoft to make Microsoft Word available for the Macintosh. Then Microsoft decided they needed a to add a multitask operating system, which would allow the user to have word processing, spreadsheets, and several other computer applications working together. In 1984 Microsoft developed their biggest breakthrough in the operating systems market, a graphics based operatin g system called Windows. Windows allowed Microsoft to match the user friendliness of Apple Computers operating system, giving them another stronghold in the ever growing personal computer market. This development became extremely important for the company because Windows is now the standard system installed on new computers. In 1992, Microsoft started to dive into the emerging market of networking computers and developed Windows NT. As upgrades continued and the development of Windows 2000 became available, Microsoft became the largest and the strongest computer company in the world. With Gates at the helm steering his company into the future, by hard work and dedication, it is no wonder that he is the richest man in the world. Strengths and Weaknesses: Not mentioning Bill Gates as an incredible strength for Microsoft would be a great unjust for the company. Gates insight and decisions, has given Microsoft a virtual monopoly in the computer software industry. Microsoft had more than 20 projects in development in 1996, and though Microsoft usually is not the first to come out with a product is always, and undoubtedly proven to be the best. Revenues for

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Reflection Questions 4 †Education Essay question and answer (200 Level Course)

Reflection Questions 4 – Education Essay question and answer (200 Level Course) Free Online Research Papers Reflection Questions 4 Education Essay question and answer (200 Level Course) Q:What role, if any, does religion play in your philosophy of education? R:Religion plays an active role in my philosophy of education. For me, I believe that in order to personally teach and model character education ethics to others, I must have a faith which derives from God as a Supreme Being and creator of this universe. I believe that our social Morales derive from the Ten Commandments. Q:What do you think that superintendents and principals often ask teaching candidates about their philosophy of education? R:I would think that superintendents and principals would ask a teaching candidate specific questions about their philosophy of education i.e. what school of philosophy to you subscribe to and why? Q:And now, a really hard question: If you are learning toward eclecticism, in what areas of teaching and learning would you draw on the various philosophies presented? R:Through a combined eclectic view of philosophy and learning approach, I would draw on the views all the four schools of thought from the following ideas: from the view of Perennialism, I agree with the idea that schools should teach knowledge through the traditional subjects of history, language, mathematics, science and the arts, with the emphasis on using the Great Books approach. While the goals of the Essentialist are similar in view, to the Perennials, the concept in philosophy is to teach the learner know the essentials in order to live in a progressive and modern world: the above speak of educating the person for society. In view of the philosophy of Progressivism and Romanism, I agree with the ideas that people naturally explore and inquire their environment for solution to problems by using and applying problem-solving methods, in light of the idea that the Romantics consider the individual more important than the needs of society. Research Papers on Reflection Questions 4 - Education Essay question and answer (200 Level Course)Standardized TestingBook Review on The Autobiography of Malcolm XInfluences of Socio-Economic Status of Married MalesRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andBringing Democracy to AfricaResearch Process Part OneCanaanite Influence on the Early Israelite ReligionEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenMoral and Ethical Issues in Hiring New EmployeesAnalysis Of A Cosmetics Advertisement

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A SWOT Analysis Of PTCL Systems

A SWOT Analysis Of PTCL Systems There is no skimpy competitor of PTCL in landline but with the growth of telecommunication business of Pakistan rivalry increasing specially in mobile phone sector. There are more then 800 million subscribers of cellular phone. There are 03 big players in mobile phone industry but 3 of them are the competitor of PTCL: Mobilink, Telenor, Warid Tel. Mobilink is the largest mobile phone company of Pakistan. Mobilink is currently having more then 31,958,597 users base which is the 36% of total cellular industry of Pakistan. Mobilink is basically challenging Ufone which is subsidiaries of PTCL. Telenor is another cell phone company it have 17,841,074 subscribers which is 20 % of total mobile industry. Warid Tel Waridtel is also providing cell phone services in Pakistan. Waridtel have more than 15,114,678 subscribers which are 17% of Pakistan mobile industry. NEW COMPETITORS Other than mobile Economic forces Social, cultural, demographic, and environmental forces Political, governmental and legal forces Technological forces Competitive forces etc Internal factors are; Marketing strength of firm Financial/Accounting resources Management Computer information system Production/operations etc Why SWOT analysis A SWOT Analysis is conducted by the company so that it is able to position itself to take advantage of particular opportunities in the environment and to avoid or minimize environmental threats. In doing so, the organization attempts to emphasize its strengths and moderate the impact of weaknesses. The analysis is also useful for uncovering strengths that have not been fully utilized and in identifying weaknesses that can be corrected. Matching information about the environment with the organization’s capabilities enables management to formulate realistic strategies for attaining its goals. Strengths A professional management is running PTCL. PTCL Management is continuously allocating funds for new technology, enhancing knowledge pool, acquiring profession ally skilled personnel and so many arrangements regarding meeting the requirements of rapidly changing environment. PTCL has the largest network coverage in the country including almost all the cities and their peripheries which others lack yet. The company has got a very vast and very strong infrastructure within the country based on the landline network

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Discuss the way in which a particular celebrity has been used to Essay

Discuss the way in which a particular celebrity has been used to promote fashion - Essay Example Fashion advertisement can be done on the television, on radio stations, on social sites, on product labels, on billboards and many other channels. Use of celebrities in advertising is very essential and captures the minds of many people in the society. It creates a perception that a product is the best in the range of related products, which increases demand of a product, its sales, and profits (Mehta 199). There are many theories related to the study of media and all try to explain its impact in advertising, and the perceptions related to its use. The first theory is the uses and gratification theory, which states that people use advertised products for gratification (Karina). The public can use a product so that they can relate to the celebrity used to promote the product. The association with a celebrity gives them a sense of belonging and gratification (Karina). The theory also states that people use a product to help them for diversion to escape from problems, for personal identity, and for surveillance of important tricks for survival. People tend to use products that are associated with successful celebrities so that they can feel safe and away from their problems. It gives them a sense of belonging and fulfilment in life. According to this theory, use of products that are associated with a particular celebrity increases ones self-esteem and self-worth (Karina). The hypodermic needle model is also another theory related to the use of media and suggests that media audience always has trust and loyalty to media such that they do not pose any challenges or have doubts about the information they are given (Karina). According to this theory, the audience takes in any information supported by a celebrity and believes it as the truth. The public has strong belief in celebrities and assume that products the celebrity uses will also work on them